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2023 Vedic Astrology Predictions

Panchang Ganita, Panchanga Siddhanta, Panchang Author: Pundit Mahesh Shastriji, Seattle, WA USA
Inspiration: Late Pundit Maganlal Devshanker Shastriji


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2023 Vedic Astrology Predictions

Note :

  • These horoscopes provided here are general purpose only, to get accurate predictions, please combine with your birth chart, moonsign, lagna, mahadasa and other details
  • Best to use with your moon sign from your horoscope. In most places in India a child is named from their birth rashi or nakshatra. If you don’t know your birth rashi then visit and then enter your name, birth date, birth time and place of birth. Leave other information as it is, then it will give you your birth rasi. If your birth time is after 12 noon, then add 12 to your birth time, for example if you are born at 1PM enter birth time as 13:00, for 4:30 PM enter 16:30


Click on the Rashi to see prediction:

ARIES/Mesha (March 21 to April 20):

Your sun transiting into Purvashadha, Uttarashadha and Shravana nakshara can give health related troubles, but giving success at work. Venus is also good, so you’ll have good source of income, some expense will be always there as Mars isn’t happy camper and you need to stay away from disputes. You need to shake off your procrastination. Things will be better at work after later part of the January with Saturn moving into Aquarius can bring happiness in your life. Mars moving into Gemini after 12 th March will bring money, but mental pressure and worries will be there.

Jupiter moving into Mesha your janma rashi on April 21 st can bring brings some hurdles in life. Mental tensions persist along with lack of contentment and satisfaction. Health also degrades at the same time. You may develop a tendency to indulge in arguments with others. Nonetheless, this is a very positive period when it comes to indulging in spiritual and virtuous pursuits. You will develop a sort of fear and face anxiety issues so practicing spirituality will help.

From May 9 th your old enemies may try to drag you down. You might forge some new enemies from within your family or social circle. You would seem harsher & ruder than before. This is essentially the time when you should be careful about your mother’s health. Try to establish a harmonious relationship with your loved ones and avoid any involvement in property matters till June end. From June 30 th your expenditure could soar up, so reconsider your spending habits to enable smooth finance, and your children’s health can bring some additional worries, wouldn’t advise to do gamble or some risky investment.

Things will bring some positive news from August 17 th ; Profits will increase in businesses. This is a period of wealth growth and accumulation. You would get a lot of acclaim and even promotion in keeping with your improved performance. You can challenge enemies and opposition. Judgment of a court case would also be in your favor. Health will also improve. All these successes will fill you with ego and you’ll show that in relationship with your spouse after October 3 rd . Make sure not to bring anything that can bring friction in your marriage life. You need to keep things in your control is your anger and try to be polite, beware of your business partner during this time as he or she could betray you. Income may fall a little so manage your money well. Health could also tumble. Be careful of problems related to stomach, eyes, and chest. Some mental distress may persist for both you and your spouse.

Things might need medical attention after November 15 th , mental unrest, piles, and blood related weakness. It would be best to avoid any kind of addiction. Handling sharp objects and weapons with caution. Financially, this isn’t a fortunate time to apply for a loan or borrow money. You’ll see roadblocks in your work or new endeavors after December 27 th . Work life also requires more hard work for you to maintain your position and image in front of seniors. You can worship Hanumanji, or Kartikeya Swami.

TAURUS/Vrishabha (April 21 to May 20):

Year will begin with some expenses, from last year. You need to be proactive about your health and workout, rather than being reactive, this is a good period for you to be fit if you are athletic, planets will help you to increase competitive vitality. If you are energetic then you can start new partnered projects which requires great burst of forward energy and execution. You need to be careful during house moves, and travels and don’t enter agitations with parents. You’ll also have hidden fear of enemies during this time. Watch out for acidity and heartburn related health issues. If your nature is revengeful then don’t fight back, you will feel dejected, face obstacles and displeasures of superiors.

Shani transiting into Kumbha rasi will give delayed results but won’t deny results, avoid any arguments with boss, work on conflicts with partners and spouse, Mother’s health will worry you. If you work hard Shani will give you visibility but then you need to be persistent to give quality results, workload will increase. You might be denied but at end there will be delay but not denial. After March 12 th , avoid tendency to shout at family members, or dominate family discussions. Take it slow, things will be better. For students they need to prepare hard if they are appearing in any competitive exam otherwise may be adversarial, avoid gambling and control your quest for power. You might have delays during international travel. Positive results for professors, priest, and international travels. Watch out for your luggage during travel else may feel theft. Jupiter transiting over your 12th house. You may want to do some charity to temple. 

from April 21 st can bring some food related diseases, so be careful eating out. You may want to stay away from your native place where you grew up for a while, for positive effects. After May 9 th , you’ll do well, your critical incisive communications and comments will shine, good for brainstorming period, if you want to do any business travel this is the very good time frame. If you don’t rush into things you’ll get good results, be prepared for disagreements with servants, employees, and subordinates. Avoid arguments with more conservative and change resistant personalities.

After June 30 th , be careful while driving, mother’s health will bring worries. If your goals are linked to the goals of others, then you’ll have good network and profit through networked connections so start making those connections. Start making those connections. Compulsive behavior will aggravate things which will go against you. Make sure not to make enemies at home. After August 17 you will be energized to take risk in stock market, gambling, but control your horses, avoid temptation for extra marital affairs, and quest for political powers, advised not to play too aggressively and students need to study well. Children health can bring some worries. Most importantly keep watch on your dietary habits.

From October 3 rd , you might have weakened health through overworking, you might have trouble from subordinates. But you are a hard worker and hardworking will pay off, you will be credited for many accomplishments, If you are planning to change job for better things, this is the good time. You may develop some fever but not to worry, things will be in your favor, and if there are any court cases will come in your favor, financial upliftment, success is there.

From November 15 th , avoid quarrels with partners, co-workers. If your court judgement is delayed, then if may not be in your favor. You need to work by cooperating with your partners, and spouse. Mental distress will prevail. From December 27 th onwards your health might take a tall, breathing, mental unrest, piles, colon related issues. If you work out every day, then some of the issues can be avoided. If you have any addictions, make sure not to have them, if you do then get rid of them. Don’t yell at others. If you avoid dominating teamwork then it will be good time for you. You can worship ‘Mahadeva’ to ease things up.

GEMINI / Mithuna (May 21 to June 20):

Year will start with pleasures, having fun, but you’ll fight through false accusations and troubles through opponents. You’ll have loss through enemies, excess bile, women, dishonor. Secret enemies will trouble you. Best solution? Work alone as much as possible, help others and charitable activities will be suitable. If emotionally upset, refrain and avoid confrontations with others. You’ll feel others are taking credit and you aren’t being recognized.

Saturn transit from January 17 th will bring negative effects on your saving, landed property or house will go some change, advised to do remodel part of house to avoid negative effect. You may change your job during Saturn duration kumbha, you are advised to maintain path of spirituality. Care is advised during travels. Slow in court cases, legal matters. If you maintain orthodoxy in belief and theory, you’ll have success through discipline. Don’t take any drastic decisions.

From March 12 th You’ll suddenly have trouble from enemies, you are advised to keep calm and not to lose your anger. You’ll notice every relationship is difficult to handle. Working independently will pay off more than usual but this also needs to be discussed with coworkers and superiors to make sure you aren’t crossing boundaries and avoid verbal spats. You will feel you are detached from family, relative and friends. You may undergo some renovation work and mother’s health will be worrisome. Those who have blood pressure issue may feel elevated blood pressure. Try avoiding dominance over others, follow principles of live and let live.

Jupiter’s transit in Mesha from April 21 st will bring lots of respect, prestige, and position, children will be supportive. Jupiter will save you against your enemies last moment. If you are planning to get married or love affairs will be fruitful. Your communication skills will excel. From May 9 th You’ll begin facing temperamental issues. Avoid using harsh words. Be careful dealing with father, teacher, or a guide. Financial hiccups may persist. Some friends and wicked friends may try to harm you. Watch out for theft or troubles from government. On a positive note, your efforts to complete your work will be fruitful.

From June 30 th , you’ll have financial gain from selling of your properties, communication skills. Avoid dominating the cohort teamwork. Your criticism should be towards idea not the person. Avoid arguing with your father, or legal counsels. Take care during international travels, don’t do things in rushed manner. Your written documents, emails will be recognized and rewarded. From August 17 th , enemies will try to drag you down, you’ll forge some new enemies from within your family or social circles. You might be tempted to use harsh words but avoid dealing with them harshly and make things worse for you. Avoid quarrels with your partners and spouse, try to resolve issues with discussion not arguments. Work area and professional area will have some trouble, competition, if you do pay attention things will be fine.

From October 3 rd ; Your stock market savings can take a hit but don’t do any fire sell, as this is not the time to take decision with a haste, children health will require some attention. Watch out your dietary habits. Drive carefully, you may have to undergo some surgery but need not worry things will be fine as Jupiter is the savior. Your profits will increase in new marketplace opportunities. Try to attend seminars and meets up where you can make new friends and take advantage.

From November 15 th ; If you have adopted child or you may adopt a child during this period, you’ll deal with your every enemy with strong hands, health will improve, you’ll be rewarded for working hard and mainly getting things done. Avoid conflicts argument with father, superior and a guide this could be negative for you, avoid being too aggressive. You could restart your workout routine and sports that you wanted to do including hiking and climbing if you ever wanted to do.

From December 27 th ; you can do well in any partnership if you behave with discipline and avoid arguments, if you travel during this time advised to plan, you’ll need energy, to do new things otherwise things can end up in differences with partners and spouse. You might have some acidity or stomach related health issues. Avoid conflicts with senior coworkers or workers that are older than you or conservative, change resistant personalities. This time may be good for people in vocalizing professionals like singers, and speakers like motivational speakers, if they use their voice to their advantage. You can worship Lord Narayana and Budha.

CANCER / Karka (June 21 to July 22):

Already your life has taken a turn for better. You are already exploring better health and looking for more income opportunities, good for you. What’s more? You are getting support from your friends too. If you are planning to make some real estate investment, what are you waiting for? Consult an astrologer to check if real estate investment is good for you in your chart at the time of birth and if that is positive start investing with calculated move. You’ll gain from your elder sibling too. If you are planning for a child, you’ll have better news. Your status will increase at work and in society. Use your communication skills, specially writing skills.

From January 17 th Saturn moving into Kumbha, you will have some health issue specially something that is troubling you for a while, chronic diseases will aggravate. You’ll feel delays in your work. You may have to work on your communication pattern. Join some college for vocal training or to be a better communicator. If your nature is to solve problems right away, then you’ll find delays in results. You can use meditation for peaceful solutions to life problems.

From March 12; Body aches can persist – feet, stomach, eyes. You need to do budgeting to curtail your expenditure. If you develop calm and polite nature it will help you with partners, coworkers, and others. Your secret enemies will rise and will try to trouble you. If you travel abroad for business, results won’t be satisfactory, and try to avoid indulging in illegal activities, knowingly or unknowingly. You’ll have trouble from your subordinates or servants, or employees at work or home. If you have to communicate, write a good email as your writing skills will enhance during this time.

From April 21; Jupiter moving into Mesha rashi. You’ll find difficult to maintain your position at work and social standing. You’ll have more desires and feel emotionally dissatisfied with unfulfilled desires. You’ll be spending money for family; you’ll have some income but will not be satisfied. If there is trouble with mother’s health miracles will help to recover. Good time to visit religious places.

From May 9 th ; You’ll need to be very energetic to put your efforts in right directions like starting a new thing, business, etc. If you are ready to work hard then this is the good time for you, however this won’t be easy, your enemies try to create hinderance in your path but if you stay positive and channel your energy in right direction then things will be very good for you. Drive safely, pay attention on road while changing lanes and more importantly avoid any verbal arguments with your partner and spouse. If you are taking up a new job that requires using research, innovations this is good time for you. For short term benefit avoid tempering integrity of others.

From June 30 th ; You will aggravate you to use harsh words, avoid those specially with family members, avoid tendency to shout at family members, or dominate them. Your expenses will rise but if your projects bring some money which you will invest in long term project hence cause some financial hiccup. Avoid playing too aggressively in gambling, and in the political tussle of any kind. Your international travel would have some delays or halt in between and this might cause you irritation.

From August 17 th ; Your communication skills will excel, you’ll gain through your younger siblings, if you take any short travel, it will be beneficial, if you have written any paper or project related work, will be recognized. You will gain through your enemies, the loan you wanted you’ll get, adoption related issues will get good news. You should not try to assert your points but rather encourage discussion.

From October 3 rd ; Drive carefully, careful about your mother’s health, if your house requires renovation pay attention and when you come home from work, leave work at home, and pay attention to family matters. If you have a farm or agricultural land will require some attention. If you are planning to buy a new property avoid doing it now. You may have some property related disputes requiring attention. You need to do research about new business, technology, and other opportunities. If you work with others and reach common grounds about goals this can bring benefits.

From November 15 th ; If you are student you need to pay more attention in exams, make sure to take time to answer each question and during studies also, any negligence can hurt. For others give up bad habit like gambling and don’t abuse power otherwise can lead to removal from position. Take things slowly and keep your eyes on new emerging markets this will help you and try to find common grounds with others to your benefit. You can take vacation to some hill station with your spouse and have some romantic getaway.

From December 27 th ; Things will be good sudden benefits, ripping rewards, winning over enemies and if you have nice year end goals you’ll meet them nicely. Do what is expected of you, don’t be too aggressive. You’ll have to deal with fever, acccidents etc. You can worship Mahadeva.

LEO / Simha (July 23 to August 22):

Your year continued with more work, if you had continued trouble and dissatisfaction from seniors then you need to make your plan according to shani – organizational capability, follow old conservative approach to working, and avoid resistance with people who are more conservative in work ethics, don’t try to change them, and things will be fine. It is best to stay away from any feud and fight, verbal spat with enemies. Try to stay away from bad company and weaponry.

From January 17 th ; Saturn transiting 7 th house can bring disputes with your partner, spouse or their health will be need more attention. You need to make serious efforts to avoid separation. This is good for salaried people; issues may persist in your business. Avoid short cuts and illicit means. This period demands patience and hard work.

From March 12 th ; Your life will begin to take better turn, if you are in a job market, you’ll land a job soon, and success is ensured. You’ll get support from friends, if you are well connected, you’ll have good gain. Your annual review might yield bonus, stocks or salary increase. If you have goals linked with others, then you’ll gain a lot than individual goals. However, you need to stay cautious at home and not yell or talk to them in commanding tone. You need to be work like common goals at home front too. You might be attracted to opposite sex but stay away from extra marital affairs that can bite you in a long run. Plan trip or getaway with children. If you have your own business, then you may have trouble from some employee.

From April 21 st ; Jupiter’s transit in mesha rashi from your 9 th house will improve relations with your father, guide, and a boss. Your ‘luck’ will shine. You’ll have blessings of your gurus, sages, and mentors. You’ll travel to some religious places. If you are planning to travel abroad, you’ll. Your financial position will increase. Your health will be better but try to avoid putting on weight. Your communication skills will shine. You’ll have good news from children and their education.

From May 9 th ; You need to be careful about your health specially feet, knees and both eyes. If you have acidity related problems, you need to avoid eating hot spicy food. You need to do your budgeting, list unnecessary expenses, and cut them. Your secret enemies will be active, some of you might have surgery. You need to take friendly approach in dealing with your spouse and business partners. If you must travel for business this may not bring some good news. Loss of luggage or belongings can happen during this time frame.

From June 30 th ; You need to get back to workout routines. If you take proactive approach at work, it will help you to be successful. Your reactive approach may give you trouble at work. Any preexisting blood pressure related issues will need attention. Try to have cordial relations with mother. You can start your own business only if you are energetic then only start a new business. You need to take extra precaution during vehicle travel. Avoid interfering in things not related to you. Avoid dispute with partners and business associates.

From August 17 th ; Things related to family matters will move slowly. Don’t get frustrated, anger will make things worse. However, money flow will be there, gain from enemies and loan matters will be resolved. Some of you may develop esophagus related issues. Income will be there, but unforeseen expenditures will increase. Avoid aggressive stock market investments, try to be defensive in your investment approach. Some may develop urinary track related diseases. Try not to be invasive in any matter, if the matter is not related to you, give up. Don’t push to much, stay put. You’ll shine well in research related area.

From October 3 rd ; Avoid short travels to avoid accidents. Chances of conflicts with your neighbors and those whom you contact daily business. This is a good time for expressing yourself and vigorous mental work. Avoid direct criticism to a person, but comment and expand on ideas to arrive at better decision, do not try to dominate the discussion and team effort. You’ll enjoy material comforts during this time. You’ll win over enemies. Do not introduce any change as this point, just follow the flow. Your productivity will increase in international matters.

From November 15 th ; You’ll encounter difficulties in relationship with parents, property disputes and some blockage of your efforts in professional life. This is not good time for change of residence. Drive carefully, pay attention on road. Make sure to have cordial relations with your parents, partners, and spouse. Exercise cautions in family matters, need to have some patience. You can do gayatri mantra japa or if possible, Aruna prsna parayana when possible.

VIRGO/Kanya (August 23 to September 22):

You have had strained relations with your father, guide, or mentor. Take it easy, father’s health may require some attention. You can do more creative and intellectual work than usual. You’ll have good impressions of you, but don’t force your views upon others. If think out of box it will prove good. You’ll have some legal difficulties, pay tax on time, avoid audits, and don’t involve yourself in other’s matters. Your marital life will be good and close bond with spouse. Brainstorming meetings will be fruitful when presenting concrete facts.

January 17 th : Saturn transiting 11 th house you’ll have trouble with your employees, servants but win over enemies. You’ll find new opportunities to shine at work, and job change or landing a new job a very much possibility. Your family will be supportive. From March 12 th ; You’ll need to do yoga and regular exercise avoid carbs foods to shake off laziness to be successful at work, because you’ll need more energy to be successful. Avoid temptation for changing existing things at work. Try to be conservative for success, don’t force change else change will be forced upon you. Avoid any decision in vehicle and property matters. Be clam at home to avoid trouble in family peace. Children health and education will require more attention.

From April 21 st ; Jupiter in Mesha rashi will require you to work harder to succeed in life. You’ll have more spending and travels. Avoid arguments in family matters and friends to maintain peace. Business issue will crop up. Make sure to keep your books clean to avoid litigation matters. From May 9 th ; Life will improve. Gains through older siblings and friends. If you are planning to buy property, real estate investments this is the right time. Childbirth or marriage of child news will bring happiness. You still need to be sweet at home in dealing with family. Finance matters will be good. The encounter with someone will bring powerful changes in your life. However, some disagreements with employees, servants are on horizon.

From June 30 th ; Help others, because whatever gains you have had it is time to reset your karma cycle to increase balance in karma cycle. If you are in financial trouble, then help poor. For problems related to house or real-estate issues, serve homeless. Students should offer tutoring to others. Prepare for business meetings with all details otherwise your points will be shut down, don’t go unprepared. Try avoiding dominance in marriage, relationship, and partners. You won’t be recognized for your work. Secret opponents will create troubles for you.

From August 17 th ; Watch for high blood pressure. You’ll face obstacles and displeasures from superiors. Every relationship will be difficult to handle. House moves need to be watchful. Don’t say anything that hurts your friendship and while writing exam paper take time don’t rush into finishing paper and forget important thing. Heart related issues might pop up. Workout is required to improve cardio health. Try to do proper muscular movements for proper physical health. Developing competition in partnership and giving your 100% energy good for business. You need proper market research to avoid losses in business or signing contracts.

From October 3 rd ; Control your impulsive expenditures, extravagance spendings. Theft or trouble from government and increase opposition to your ideas. Control your anger to save your partnership and marriage. If you work hard, you’ll see success in completion of your work. Take family matters slowly, cordial discussions, let them raise their opinions, anger, shouting will make things worse. Be careful where you open your heart or tell your secrets. This can be used against you. Your travels will not yield fruitful results.

From November 15 th ; Your mind will be turbulent and hasty. Your high energies are difficult to handle for coworkers, but good for brainstorming and exchanging ideas, successful business agreements and if your business work is based on communication technologies, you’ll make lots of money and success. Remember innovation is the key. Giving constructive feedback and your enthusiastic efforts will be more appreciated by companions. Avoid spicy diet. Be ready to soothe disagreements with employees. Your inner excessive energy can give you higher position at work.

From December 27 th ; Don’t take things too lightly whatever energy you’ve shown before can deplete but work hard to gain edge at work, avoid property dealings. Domestic unhappiness will increase if you aren’t diligent. Compulsive or inappropriate behavior will aggravate things to your disadvantage. Don’t try to influence others, Try to maintain connections and make new connections and staying on top of studying of markets will give you success in this rough time frame. You can worship Lord Krishna, Narayana.

LIBRA / Tula (September 23 to October 22):

You want to get colonoscopy done if its overdue, you may develop piles, indigestion, and blood related weakness, don’t drive too rough or aggressive, go slow. Care is advised in cooking and handling of sharp objects. If you have any addictions would advise to control.

From January 17 th ; Saturn transit into Kumbha. This isn’t good period for studies, children, long term investment. Don’t do short sales or aggressive futures trading. Would advise to avoid any stock market investment, but bond investment is good. For 401K switch to more conservative approach. Romance won’t be good. Your duties will take over romance.

From March 12 th ; Stay alert and prudent in financial matters. Try to improve relations with your father or guide. Their health will make you worry. You’ll need to do more creative and intellectual work than usual. Your communication skills will help you impress others but don’t try to force your views on them without backed by any research. If you need to present, make sure your presentation is backed by data because some experienced person may make your life difficult during presentation.

From April 21 st ; Guru in Mesha; If you are in love romance things will move good way to get you married. Your travel will succeed. You’ll get some relief at last moment; you’ll gain from elder siblings. Your writings will be recognized. Your social networking will increase, make more friends. Your understanding with spouse will increase.

From May 9 th ; You’ll have trouble with seniors if they are older than you. If you are in managerial positions, make sure not to spoil any work relations with any subordinates. Make sure not to make any enemies and stay away from weaponries. Avoid any bad company during this time. Avoid arguments with mother, and friends. Avoid conflict, revenge will cost you more. Don’t just think in binary but there are many choices, try to be tolerant.

From June 30 th ; Try to increase more friends and solid social network. Someone very powerful person can help you and change your life. Your ‘value’ structure he will try to change, alter for your benefit. This is the time for you to make decision of financial gain or moral gain. Spouse and children’s health could take toll. You’ll have gains but with road blacks. You may change some habit. There may be disagreements with servants and/ or employees

From August 17 th ; Travel carefully, if possible, avoid long distance foreign travels. Quarrels with wife. High expenditure, losses through enemies, mental worries. You may have to undergo eye surgery. Try to avoid falling into honey trap. You won’t be recognized for your work. Make sure to read emails, documents before submitting or sending to higher authorities. If you work in sanatorium, library, research facilities it will help you.

From October 3 rd ; You’ll have aggression but try to control. Frequent headaches will develop. If you don’t control aggression, you’ll feel separation from your spouse and friends. Don’t try to be revengeful else you’ll land into troubles like prison etc. If you don’t do groundwork, you’ll feel dejected. If you are trying to start your startup avoid doing something unless you are committed to give 150% efforts.

From November 15 th ; Control your words. You may want to present yourself as a righteous but that will hurt you more. Try to be pragmatic, don’t make fool of yourself, otherwise you’ll make enemies with friends and spouse. You want to exercise care with your father, or guide, if they give you right advise, don’t bring your ego, and listen. We aren’t perfect. Financial strain will happen.

From December 27 th ; Your efforts will shine, your hard work will pay off, your communication will shine. You’ll join gym to build your physics. Yearend you’ll hear good news. You can worship Goddess Lalitha devi.

SCORPIO/Vrischika (October 23 to November 22):

You are facing issues with spouse and mother, and business partner, colleague at work. Travel can be painful. Stomach pain, ulcers can be painful. Work is tense, you will need to pay more attention, don’t take things too lightly. You’ll need to manage money well; income can take a dip. Try avoiding unnecessary legal proceedings.

From January 17 th ; Shani in kumbha you are going through chhoti panoti of 2.5 years. This can bring trouble to your mother, or trouble with friends, trouble selling property, buying property. Differences with your superior, at work. Change your job before its enforced upon you. You will have a business trouble with your servants, employees. You may suffer from longer lasting chronic diseases.

From March 12 th ; Try avoiding dominating teamwork, then you’ll be appreciated. Try avoiding ego to avoid confrontations with others. Avoid taking loans from others because this is the bad time, this may bring disrepute. You’ll have disagreements with your spouse. If you help others and try to bring their creative energy, converging to goal you’ll be very successful otherwise you’ll have trouble.

From April 21 st ; Guru entering Mesha. You’ll have increased health issues as Jupiter will expand whatever house he is in. Debt will rise, expenditure, debt and problems with coworkers and employees. You need to be careful in these areas to maintain mental peace and happiness. You need to be careful of theft. Your enemies, competitors will try to destroy you. Avoid taking illegal routes.

From May 9 th ; Pay taxes on time. Avoid legal troubles. You’ll face lots of obstacles, avoid taking any illegal route, try to be on the right side of the law. Health trouble could rise. Avoid angry arguments with your parents. If you are planning a move, extra caution is required to avoid damages and losses, avoid selling house or property during this time. For those who are planning to marry can derail some plans.

From June 30 th ; A relief from obstacles, but still life isn’t easy. You’ll face obstacles and criticism from your superiors. If you take it positively it will help you otherwise, you’ll face troubles. Try to use research related goals. You’ll spend some family time with children, avoid gambling. For students, they need to work hard to avoid disappointments. Your quest for political power will increase, make plan but with caution.

From August 17 th ; This is the time for relief, major relief. Your wishes will be fulfilled. You’ll win over enemies, but be careful in dealing with servant, and employees. You need to watchful about high blood pressure; avoid sugar. Your friends will help you to gain in business and work. You’ll find new job. Income will rise. This is the time to make real-estate investments.

From October 3 rd ; exercise more caution with respect to health. Eat wisely and healthy, avoid eating outside, any travel plans? Make sure you are eating healthy, chances of theft during travel. You might suffer with impatience, so make sure to go through your writings before making it final. You’ll have trouble with feet, eyes, and stomach. Don’t be a victim of self-denial. Your secret enemies will trouble you.

From November 15 th ; Control your anger. If you make quick decisions this will lead to losses. Try to have more patience in your decision, take advise of some friend or guide. Give constructive feedback than dealing with anger. Try to resolve diplomatically. You’ll feel alone, and every relationship is difficult to handle. Make sure to have conscious equity into partnership and with your conscious efforts. Those who are engage in research will make new discovery.

From December 27 th ; Think before whatever you say, otherwise you’ll have trouble handling relationship. You’ll need Shani shanti this year.

SAGITTARIUS / Dhanus (November 23 to December 22):

You are enjoying success, winning over opposition, enemies, however with some trouble from employees or servants, but nothing that you cannot handle. Avoid eating spicy food though, spicy, and deep-fried food can cause stomach related problems later. If you learn to be humble with all the success this will make you strong to face any troubles later. However, all these successes you had always have some struggle, learn from your mistakes. If you are planning for adoption, you might have some trouble, but nothing that you can’t deal with.

From January 17 th ; Saturn transit in kumbha will give you more success but at a slow rate, Saturn is a good teacher, will make you strong. Your success will come from listening to others, making good notes and collaboration with others. You’ll make good money. If you are planning to publish book on your life experiences or yoga this is the good time. Your father may go through poor health, advise him to avoid travelling.

From March 12 th ; Your love romances can be successful if you don’t push your opinion too much on others, otherwise even for married couples, you’ll have differences and quarrels with your spouse. For business owners if your business is in partnership you might have to do conscious investment in business and handle relationship with partners diligently. Avoid travels, but if you do then make sure to take care of your belongings to avoid theft or loss. You’ll need to manage your money well and keep calm. Watchful about stomach, eyes, and chest related problems. Try to be cordial with your managers, seniors.

From April 21 st ; Guru entering Mesha will resolve your old property related issues; and you’ll try to invest wisely in stock market, somehow luck will favor you if your planets at the time of birth are favorable. Jupiter will try to save you at the last moment. Good news with children, love, romance. Possibility of childbirth at home. You’ll get power, wisdom and many of your wishes will be fulfilled. You can start planning for future, if not now than when? This is the good time.

From May 9 th ; However, Guru will help you, but if you engage yourself in doing more background research for any task you undertake, you’ll get good rewards, otherwise you’ll face disappointments. If you give your critical incisive comments in nice, polite manner you’ll get good results in communication and in a leadership role, but if your nature is to yell then you’ll have to go through lots of trouble. Avoid dominating others during this phase. Think about physical fitness and wellbeing seriously currently. Avoid eating junk food, eat healthy. Get your allergies tested and eat accordingly. While driving avoid being aggressive, try to yield on the road.

From June 30 th ; Your purva punya will give you good results. You’ll try to get higher position, but there will be some hurdles, guidance is required from mentor. This is time to do more work, study the issues and devise the plan. You’ll get gain from foreign countries. If you are a visualizer your visualizations will become stronger and will help you in defining end to end framework for positive results. Planning a house or business move? Be careful while moving. Father’s health might require extra caution. Try to stay away from legal troubles.

From August 17 th ; business and work will require extra attention, avoid bringing ranks into discussion, don’t pull your rank this can hurt your career. Try to be persuasive instead of dominating the entire project. Be a good listener. Avoid conflicts at any cost if you can’t avoid try to handle diligently. Avoid buying property currently. Mother’s health can raise some flags. Some of you may get promotion if they work independently, and recognize the needs of others, and be tolerant instead of my way or highway thinking.

From October 3 rd ; Your patience will pay off now, you’ll get success. Your friends will help you. If you have good networking and social skills, you’ll get good gains at work, socially and politically. This will also help good results with children, you’ll spend time with them. There will be some change in your life, one of the aspects of your life will be transformed. You’ll get good dividends, gain from investments, stock markets. Try to avoid association with wicket people and be nice to your friends and family members.

From November 15 th ; You want to change your investment strategy more to foreign markets rather than domestic markets. Do more research before investments to avoid losses. Your expenditure will increase. You may complain problems with bile, eye troubles. Avoid confrontation with your spouse or business partner and be watchful with business partners but with a positive attitude and without aggression to avoid losses. You might have accidents with your feet, calves, knees area, or trouble in those areas. While walking on road make sure to watch out on road to avoid accidents.

From December 27 th ; All the troubles from Mid-November will make you agitated and you might lose your cool. Try to do deep breathing, yoga will help you. Otherwise, you might have to suffer at family and business front. You can worship planet Guru and Shani for favorable results.

CAPRICORN / Makara (December 22 to January 19):

Child related issues will bring some worries. If you are a day trader this is a bad time for you as stock markets aren’t helping you. Have you thought about investment in different sector? Like real estate? Make sure to consult an experienced astrologer for such investments. If you have some health-related issues, cure will be around the corner with help of surgery, so if surgery is one of the options this might be good but do consult an experienced astrologer to consult your planets at the time of birth too. Keep watch on your dietary habits and expenses.

From January 17 th ; You are currently going through the second phase of sade sati, you’ll be now in the 3 rd phase of the sade sati time frame the base is gold. Your income may take toll, business expenses will rise, differences with family members, but some of your business will have loss this can be because of expansion or capital expenditure, if you think in the right direction, your business can prosper and marriages in family can happen.

From March 12 th ; Your hard work will pay off, success after long periods of testing but still with material success there will be dissatisfied servants or employees that you might need to handle, take good care of them. Avoid eating junk food, watch out for health and eat only that food doesn’t cause bile or heartburn issues. If your plans for adoption it will be successful. You’ll get acclaim and promotion. Court cases can be in your favor, if you are planning to take a loan this is the good time.

From April 21 st ; Guru entering Mesha. Property matters can take ugly turn with family members or with other concerned parties. Avoid dealing with property matters now. You might need to borrow money to keep your business going. Avoid travels, curtail unnecessary expenses to keep financial balance. Your mother’s health will raise some alerts so take her care. If you are trying to buy a property in foreign land it will be successful but there will be some trouble, unless you are there to keep check and balance, avoid it now.

From May 9 th ; You’ll have issues with your spouse and business partners. All you need is tact, politeness, and time. Something your last project or old project can come under review and can ring trouble bells for you. If you are planning to do house / home / apartment remodel, advised to wait now to curtail unnecessary expenses and losses. Health could tumble and surgery may happen. Try to change your eating habits. You’ll need to manage your money well, as income may fall. You may have some eye, chest, stomach issues.

From June 30 th ; avoid aggressive driving or careful while walking on street. Keeping calm is your mantra along with healthy eating habits. You might want to get your colonoscopy done if its overdue. You might develop troubles related to appendicitis, colon, and intestines. If you are planning to take loan, you might feel rejection and it is not the good time to take loan, but this is good time for those who are into research areas. Try handling gun, sharp objects with care, care is advised even in kitchen. Travel with friends and family can be rewarding but make sure it is not very expensive travel.

From August 17 th ; Some of your troubles may ease from this point, you’ll have minor health issues, like muscle ache, body ache. You’ll need to work hard to keep your image to your seniors. You may have to take a true leader’s role – which is work with others and encourage their thought process instead of enforcing your thoughts. This will bring success. You can use your visualization with complete data to present your view without complete data to back your point you’ll have to sail in unchartered waters.

From October 3 rd ; Seniors may create more roadblocks for you, listening to them, and understand their viewpoint instead of enforcing yours, study their view and do your research and present your details to win their opinion. Insist on healthy discussion rather enforcing yours on others. Sometimes, it is better to ignore bickering but never ignore constructive feedback and try to improve to show your performance, this will help your success in times to come. Avoid bad company or friendship.

From November 15 th ; Your persistent hard working and approach to details will give you success. Hard work always pays off. With this success, you’ll still feel hurdles in your way, roadblocks, transformation is required for success, mantra is to change old habit that is irritating and not working with others. If some of your friends are upset with you, try to work with them, be cordial to them, talk to them. This is the good time for real-estate investments, even this will have some hurdles. You will gain from your older siblings. Some of you’ll get promotion, if indicated by your stars at the time of birth.

From December 27 th ; take things lightly. You will travel abroad but watch out for luggage and your belongings. Keep tabs on expenses. If it is a business travel abroad, you will have some success after hurdles. You can worship Lord Hanumanji, Shanidevata and Subramanyam for success and removing troubles.

AQUARIUS / Kumbha (January 20 to February 18):

If you are planning to move, or making decisions for your real estate, please STOP. Take a deep breathe, check your budget and any hurdles thereof, if you are building custom houses, there will be many troubles. Your mother’s health will be watchful. You might disappoint some of your friends and lack of attention at work can hurt your success and spoil relations with superiors. You might develop high blood pressure related issues. Talk to your spouse and partners nicely to establish harmonious relationship.

From January 17 th ; Shani in Kumbha. You are running the 1 st phase of sade sati and will now enter 2 nd phase of sade sati on the base of gold. This can bring troubles from family members, chronic diseases, hidden enemies will succeed, quarrels and increased expenditure. You’ll feel mental pressure, agony. Try to do yoga, meditation to help you sail through this time. Visit Hanuman ji temple and offer sindur along with oil on Saturday and to Shani temple offer black cloth, black udid daal and oil to help you.

From March 12 th ; Your property related issues will be relaxed a bit, but anything related to long term investment can suffer a bit. Child related worries. If you are a student you’ll need to work hard, don’t think you are smart, and you’ll succeed. You might require cure via surgery, consult a doctor and take his opinion. Avoid eating spicy food. You will spend time with child on outing, outdoor activities. Mantra for this period is “stay calm and work on your relationship matters”.

From April 21 st ; You’ll have some challenges; business will slow down due to obstacles. These obstacles are result of unclear documents, lack of details. Make sure you read documents and get peer reviews before submitting them. You’ll have trouble with your employer. You might be asked to take temporary projects of your dislike. Watch out your shoulders and arms related issues.

From May 9 th ; Things have changed a bit in your favor, still love and marriage isn’t on horizon, if you are already in relationship, it could hurt due to your arrogance, and most likely your ‘unavailability’ for fruitful discussion in your relations. For independent businesses this is good time, even in partnership, but make sure not to hurt any partner’s feeling. You can get loan, defeat your enemies. Just keep watching out for your dietary habits and work out regularly.

From June 30 th ; You need work on your communication skills with your partners and spouse. Whatever you say or write, think twice because this can hurt your business and personal relationships. Short travels are there and can be fruitful. Some mental distress could prevail between you and your spouse. Try to avoid legal proceedings. A tension in life can be overcome by co-operating with your partners, spouse, and fellow workers. Avoid tendency to yell.

From August 17 th ; Your younger sibling’s health can raise some issues. You might need to take care. Your communication skills will go down. Be alert and try to improve it all the time to avoid losses in business. Avoid dominating fellow workers, encourage discussion and be a good listener. If you are into singing and performing arts, this is good period for you, if you are a team member and not dominating others. Group performance will bring success. Avoid taking loans from others. Understand your spouse doesn’t have to agree with you on all matters.

From October 3 rd ; Avoid legal issues, Audit etc. Father’s health will require attention. Stay alert and prudent in financial matters. Your work life requires more hard work, and this time you may feel excessive load on your thinking abilities, so yoga, meditation will help a lot. Possibility of accident during travel. You may have mental anxiety, wearisome journeys, humiliations, and loss of wealth during journey. Expansion in your sphere is very likely which will prove good. Use caution with house moves and vehicular travel. Avoid agitation with parents.

From November 15 th ; Your resistances and roadblocks will be slowly removed. You still need to work hard and not influence your opinion on seniors and others, still need to continue encouraging their views. You’ll feel you are working hard but not recognized. Avoid ‘revengeful’ attitude this time, keep calm. Avoid entering unnecessary debates and make more enemies. Give your opinion wisely. If you give importance to others recognizing their needs and keep tolerance this will be successful time frame.

From December 27 th ; Good time frame, you’ll make new friends, have journey, finally some relief if planets at the time of birth favors you. You can worship Hanumanji, Shanidevata and Mahadeva for success.

PISCES / Mina (February 19 to March 20):

You are having good results; struggles and success, your communication skills will shine Promotion, and recognition. If you are in field of writing, publications you will shine as a star, help from younger sibling but father’s health will bring worries. Avoid conflict with someone whom you deal with on daily basis – neighbors, friends, coworkers. Avoid quarreling with more conservative and change-resistant personalities.

From January 17 th ; You are going through the success with Saturn transiting your 11 th house, but now things are changing, you are entering 1 st phase of Sadesati of shani on the base of Iron; You’ll need to be watchful with government related issues, audit, court cases, losses, Marriage issues and all these things can be due to carelessness. It is better to be calm and do not take new challenges, however if you work hard then success will be there as shani causes delays but doesn’t deny.

From March 12 th ; You need to change your behavior and change attitude, else you may end up making people in your social circle, family, and friend your enemies. But you’ll be harsh and rude than before, no matter how many times people convince you, if you continue that path, you’ll have more trouble at work. Try to be flexible. You can develop high blood pressure, heartburn, stomach related issues. Advised not to deal with property matters at this point. You might feel anger and displeasure at home, along with relationship with parents, property disputes and some blockage of your efforts in professional life.

From April 21 st ; Guru transiting in Mesha Rashi will try to ease above mentioned troubles but work as a savior wouldn’t remove them completely. Somehow, you’ll see divine help at last moment, but combination of other planets will bring troubles for sure. There can be addition in family. Whatever you say will somehow come to be true.

From May 9 th ; Period to stay calm and spend time with your family. You’ll have to handle issues with your children and their studies or health. Invest wisely in stock market. If you are in love or relationship, you’ll have differences. Try to observe discipline, don’t take things too lightly, otherwise you may have more troubles. Drive carefully. There is a possibility of theft in the house.

From June 30 th ; Unresolved conflicts can be worst and exaggerate the instinct toward litigious accusation. You’ll have to involve or take things easy with servants and employee troubles. You’ll need to use your imagination and visualization skills to succeed. Your enemies will not be successful, you’ll reign supreme over them. You can get promotion at work and have lots of success. You need to deal with issues related to your father and his health.

From August 17 th ; You need to wear smile all the time specially at home and business front while dealing with your life partner and business partners. Pay attention at partnership as there is a chance, you’ll have trouble. Do no enter in new partnership. Avoid journeys, this can bring troubles or discomfort. Mental distress for you and your spouse.

From October 3 rd ; This is the time if you have annual checkup lined up, get it done soon. You need to pay more attention to your health, urinary infection, piles will give you troubles. Avoid handling of sharp objects and weapons. If you are planning to borrow money or loan, don’t take it, this may not be in your favor. Don’t do anything that can get you in honey trap.

From November 15 th ; Legal issues, audit alerts, trouble with your father and his health. You can give critical constructive comments that helps other but not use harsh language, this may not be beneficial for you. You will feel you are more creative and intellectual than usual, and don’t try to force your opinion on others. If travelling, chances of accidents. Avoid mental anxiety, wearisome journeys. Cautious during house move or house remodeling. Avoid heated arguments with Parents.

From December 27 th ; Act independently, avoid revengeful activities or this can hurt you more. You’ll need to take care of your children’s health. Avoid bad company that can affect or blemish your reputation. You can do Shanischara shanti.

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yaj jagrato duram udaiti daivam tad u suptasya tatHaivaiti|
duramgamam jyotisam jyotir ekam tan me manaH shivasankalpam astu||
||shri shukla yajurveda vajasaneyi samhita (madhyandina sakha) 34.1||

The divine essence that goes far away, from the waking, and likewise from the sleeping, and that one far-traveling Light of lights, on that-the auspicious will of the divine-may my mind dwell.

.. sarve janA sukhino santu ..
kriShNa! kriShNa!! kriShNa!!!

I bow down to the supreme personality of godhead Lord kriShNa who makes incomplete complete.
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