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2022 Vedic Astrology Predictions

Panchang Ganita, Panchanga Siddhanta, Panchang Author: Pundit Mahesh Shastriji, Seattle, WA USA
Inspiration: Late Pundit Maganlal Devshanker Shastriji


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2022 Vedic Astrology Predictions

Note :

  • These horoscopes provided here are general purpose only, to get accurate predictions, please combine with your birth chart, moonsign, lagna, mahadasa and other details
  • Best to use with your moon sign from your horoscope. In most places in India a child is named from their birth rashi or nakshatra. If you don’t know your birth rashi then visit and then enter your name, birth date, birth time and place of birth. Leave other information as it is, then it will give you your birth rasi. If your birth time is after 12 noon, then add 12 to your birth time, for example if you are born at 1PM enter birth time as 13:00, for 4:30 PM enter 16:30


Click on the Rashi to see prediction:

ARIES/Mesha (March 21 to April 20):

You’ll have physical danger till January 16th. This requires a strict watchfulness on things related to your life, health, and physique. Stay clear from diseases and all kind of addictions to maintain sound health. Avoid eating cold, spicy food, try to warm it before eating.  After 16th January you may feel some body pain, some of you may require surgery, or wounds due to some weapon. But your efforts will be recognized at work, chances of promotion, chant gayatri mantra or Surya namaskar. After February 26th you’ll have some obstacles in your success due to trouble with your superiors. Don’t be aggressive in behavior but be in work with patience, give quality results and details are more important, and you’ll have a good prestige and success, watchful about long term investments, don’t make any haste decision.  Try to avoid any kind of loans till March 31st. But even after that Rahu moving in Mesha rashi from March 16th onwards requires to be extra careful about finances, pay bills on time, be careful about phone and email scams, if someone calls about payment, just call them with the number you have on your file, or search white pages for official number. Don’t respond to suspicious email.  April will bring some good news about relief from debts, some gains, but after 14th April you may travel some pilgrimage places and do some charity work, Jupiter moving into Meena rashi, you’ll feel disinterested in things and drift in multiple directions looking for a purpose. You may get a leadership role from May till Mid July. Just keep working hard. After Mid July you may face some challenges at work. If you don’t pay attention to work, emails communications you may have trouble from May 17 till June 27th. After that fever, ailments, stomach issues possibility, try to avoid arguments with your spouse, and children. You may have visitors in later part of July. August 10th onwards you’ll have financial gains, friends etc., but due to mars you’ll also have some losses, don’t enter in to arguments with anyone at work, healthy debate is fine, but no arguments. September is the month to enjoy social standings, parties, love affairs, cordial relations with opposite sex. There might be addition in your family or meet someone new in your family. Beginning of October will create misunderstanding with your family members. Things will move smooth after October 16th in terms of career, promotions, something you wrote will be recognized and well rewarded, but stay away from things related to women, litigation possibility. November watchful about your words, you’ll enjoy company of opposite sex but be watchful for later troubles. You’ll have material gain enjoy till end of December. Worship lord Skanda, Karthikeya or Ganesh to overcome troubles.

TAURUS/Vrishabha (April 21 to May 20):

From January 16th, stay away from weapons and disguised foe. Avoid undertaking any task that might prove to be life risking for you. Avoid confrontation with your teacher or guru. Travel is on the card. From February 27th, some of you might buy new wardrobe, things that provide bodily comforts, at the same time muscle pain, bodily injury. Finances would need better care and guarding, as you are likely to lose some during this time. Your professional life would require proper handling and more hard work. Rahu moving into Mesha from 16th March will improve your social standing, and money flow but the Venus in April can bring some setback to your social standing so avoid doing things that can cause some issues to your name and fame. Mars requires you to work hard to achieve goals. Finally, you’ll have success if you take important precautions. Jupiter in 11th house will give you promotion, success in area that you’ve been waiting for, May and June will be very successful, but with caution of increasing expenditure on entertainment, clothing etc..  Some of you could have some eye surgery or eye related issues from June 27th – August 10th. This period is watchful period at work, but it might bring new opportunities for you to travel abroad. Saturn moving in Kumbha rashi, requires you to avoid arguments with your boss, just listen to him and try to come up with plan of actions for desired results. From July 11th Saturn going back to makara will require you to change your job. You’ll feel job market is very competitive. You’ll have some ceremonies, parties in later part of July and beginning of august. From August 10th, avoid any kind of arguments and misunderstanding with your seniors, employers, and government department, some of you might see change in your positions, undesired expenses, difference of opinion, arguments with your spouse, business partner, could result into break of partnership etc. September, you’ll have love, romance, addition to family etc., but at the same time avoid quarrels with your soul mate. From Mid-October you need to be watchful about theft in your home or travel. From November 13th onwards Stay away from sharp weapons, fire, poisonous animals and from everything that might risk your life. You might have depressions etc., You can worship Goddess Mahalakshmi, Goddess Lalitha.

GEMINI / Mithuna (May 21 to June 20):

January 14th onwards, you may also have to take care of your spouse’s health. You and your spouse are also likely to develop deep mental anxiety during this time. Most of you are likely to develop enmity with some noble person. You will be forced to take may be forced to take up undertakings beneath your current level and dignity. Your superiors and competitors will be against you. Relations with spouse and friends will not be cordial. Financially this is bad time frame for you. You might be blames for some things at work and face humiliation. You’ll need to be careful not to take any loans and be into excessive debt trap from March 2022 and do things that might be risky for your health. Some relief Rahu will bring in later part of March 2022. If you are a student, then success in higher education is also indicated in March 2022. April you may have to visit to a foreign country which could be painful, you’ll need to watch out for ailments, theft of luggage, also trouble with higher education.  From mid-April Jupiter moving in your 10th house requires you to be task master. Failing to do so will fall in position and grace, this is the time to work hard, for next year where your work will be recognized but till then open your eyes and work hard, Saturn’s moving in kumbha will make you change job frequently, or chances of long-distance travel could persist. You’ll see some success at work after Mid-May if you work hard, things will be in your favor. Things will be a bit smooth after June 27th, and when Saturn retrogrades back into Makara from July 11th negatively affects your health, chances of surgery for some but with Mars in Aries this surgery if done early then things will be smooth without worries. From August 10th you’ll see lots of pressure at work, things will be a bit difficult at work, health issues will prevail. You may travel abroad for a short time. Financially you’ll sail through with support of many other planets. However, your spending will increase till end of year but your income flow, however year end will bring good news. You may receive good news about job change after October 16th. You can worship Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu.

CANCER / Karka (June 21 to July 22):

Your times are moderate, you may expect that much awaited promotion and honor at your workplace. Most of you would see success in all your undertakings but at the same time opposition and clashes with your superiors at the workplace and this may result in disgrace and humiliation. Try to avoid quarrels. February, March you need to be very watchful about your work and health. You are likely to feel fatigued and susceptible of developing eye discomfort, stomachache, and discomfort in your chest. you may lose some of your riches due to your unnecessary indulgence in a competition. You should stay away from extra marital affairs during this time. Rahu in Mesha from mid-March will help you to regain your reputation at work, your efforts and struggle will be recognized. Mars will bring some ailments in the first part of the April, and finances will require some guard, Jupiter moving in Pisces, you’ll visit temples, and perform religious ceremonies and in case of troubles Jupiter will save you 11th hour. Saturn moving in 8th house will also require you to take care of your health, you may not get desired support from your friends, the thing will continue till mid-July but then when Jupiter goes back into Makara you’ll have differences with your business partners, and spouse. After mid-August you’ll have success again in your life, with the push of Jupiter you’ll rock at work, much awaited promotion. You’ll make new friends. You’ll gain from siblings. But from mid-October you’ll need to drive carefully, avoid unnecessary expenses, health needs special care, money flow will be there but need to be watchful about health. December will bring differences with spouse.  You can worship Lord Shiva.

LEO / Simha (July 23 to August 22):

Lord Suryanarayana entry into makara will bear very good results with respect to your work. You will overcome obstacles easily and will get victory over your enemies and competitors. Take care of your food habits as well. Some of you may also go through a personal behavioral change during this time. Some of you, though very unlikely of you, may become furious, apprehensive, and very estranged from the near and dear ones. March will be very good for your job and health, however, try avoiding eating hot and spicy food. If you are caught up in any court case, you may expect a judgment that would favor you. Most of your enemies would withdraw and victory would be yours. Rahu moving in Mesha rashi from mid-March if you are a student, promising time concerning higher education. You may travel abroad and be more spiritual. We’ll advise you to avoid arguments with co-workers. In the month of April to mid-May avoid using harsh, bad words to your siblings, don’t engage into fights with your siblings. Jupiter entering Pisces from mid-April will make you suffer fatigue due to overwork, suffer due to unnecessary travel, avoid speculations as this could bring heavy losses in investment, but if your Janma kundli favors then this is avoided but still avoid speculation, Saturn moving in Kumbha from last week of April till mid-July disturbances in married life. While this period is smooth for salaried individuals, some issues in business matters persist. Make sure not to have any differences with partners and spouse. August till mid-October is the time to work hard even if you have bunch of struggles, and you’ll have success in the end. You’ll have success from October onwards at work, with friends etc, but during the year end you’ll have to work hard. Things looks good. You may worship lord Suryanarayana, chant gayatri mantra every day.

VIRGO/Kanya (August 23 to September 22):

Your year continued with beating at workplace, and you’ll continue to have troubles with your superiors and co-workers, avoid heated discussions and arguments, try to be a good lister and implement the required plan. Keep an eye on old enemies and people from your own circle. Some of you may undergo surgery with stomach and knee area. Make peace with your family and other relatives to avoid further sorrow during this phase. Hold on tightly to your honor and position in the society as well. Avoid any issues related to land and property. Things will improve a little after February 13th but not much, work environment will be easy, relax and take a deep breathe, try to control your food habits, You’ll also enjoy the company of opposite sex, also you’ll spend time on entertainment, but control your urges. From beginning of April, you’ll have to have misunderstanding with your spouse. There is a chance that your enemies will increase, and you may even get involved in fights with your business partner. April 7th onwards, if your natal mars (in your kundli) is very good, you’ll concur your enemies, you’ll see success in your undertakings. If you are caught up in any court case, you may expect a judgment that would favor you. Jupiter moving into your 7th house from April 13th, will give you the light at the end of the tunnel after a grueling period of dejection and frustration. You’ll get stability in your life, if you are looking for your soulmate/marriage, this is the good time to get married. But asthama Rahu will give you trouble with respect to your health, if you are traveling make sure to eat healthy food, lot of mental distress would be there along with unnecessary fears, but Jupiter will save you at 11th hour. Saturn moving over 6th house from last week of April till mid-July will give you success over enemies, but watchful about one of your employees who could be troublesome for you, and you might have to settle for out of court settlement. May and June will bring heated arguments with your spouse, and drive carefully in June and July, there can be a danger to your life, but Jupiter will try to save you 11th hour. Avoid arguments with your father or teacher in the month of August and September. If you have not paid your taxes in time, this could bring an audit alarm, including discrepancies in tax form. October, till year year you’ll see obstacles initially but later you’ll find success. From mid-November again you’ll have to keep calm and be nice to your father and/or a teacher. You can worship Shri Lakshmi Narayana, or Krishna.

LIBRA / Tula (September 23 to October 22):

You have been riding on success, but things could change from January 14th, you’ll face trouble with your superior, manager, and others. If you be diligent about your work and worship Lord Hanumana mars will favor you overcome your trouble, make sure you write everything well and read email 3 times before hitting send button. March you’ll need to be extra careful with your old enemies, keep an eye on your behavior as it might become cruel during this phase. However, a few of you may also go in for settlement with your foes. You’ll try to gain from land and property but will face some trouble with sale of the property. Beginning of April you’ll have trouble with your children, and long-term investment if any. You need to keep calm and think twice before you speak or write else you may lose your glory. Jupiter move from April 13th you’ll have trouble with enemies, people will take you too lightly, that you need be watchful and try to act nicely. You’ll feel you’ve lots of unfulfilled desires, so best thing is to do without expecting anything in return. Saturn moving in kumbha, in the last week of April, you’ll start experiencing issues with spouse and business partner. Any investment or speculation in stock market should be avoided at least till mid-July. Things will improve in May and June for your career, if you are employed there is a chance of promotion and win over enemies. In the month of July you may have to travel but travel will not be good, you’ll have differences with your spouse and partner, think with a cool head. From the 2nd week of august, you’ll need to take care of your health, there is a possibility of accidents, and surgery. Drive carefully, avoid anything that could be risk to your health and life. After October 16th you’ll have differences with your mentor, friend, philosopher, and a guide. Mentally you may feel worried and disappointment most of the time. Some of you may also have to work in an uncomfortable work environment for a while. Work hard to maintain your position and respect at work or in your field of profession. From mid-November till year end you’ll need to take care of your health, eat healthy food, avoid parties. You can worship Goddess Lalitha devi, or Durga devi.

SCORPIO/Vrischika (October 23 to November 22):

You are advised to watch your tongue at your workplace and don’t be stubborn. Do not take or give loans. Also, in terms of money make sure you are not conned by anyone. Avoid risky investments and share market investment. After January 14th, you’ll see positive change in your professional life, outlook. You’ll have increase recognition. You’ll overcome problems with some difficulty. You need to watch your tongue and be careful from theft. Try to avoid jealousy towards others.  Things will improve from 1st week of March. You’ll win over your enemies. The work will be smooth and if you have done good things in the past this will be the time of recognition. What’s more Rahu moving to Mesha rashi will increase your wealth accumulation. If you are in business, you’ll be successful in some foreign venture. Any pending court cases in your favor, easy win over enemies. The 2nd week of April will have some rough patches with trouble from old enemies, but Rahu will help you concur them, but you need to work hard in your profession to get more mileage. Additionally, Jupiter will help you from April 13th onwards will help you gain knowledge, addition in family, long term investment and long-standing desires will be fulfilled. Saturn move from last week of April till mid-July you need to be careful about risky investment, and chances of accident and health troubles, you’ll make your friend enemy. Try avoiding conflicts at home and work. Mid-July till 2nd week of August will be easy and then after 10th of august you’ll have mental pressure, tension, differences with spouse, partners, and troubles during travel. Some of you may lose riches due to indulge in unnecessary things, endeavors. From mid-October till end of the year requires strict watch on your health, avoid any aggressive driving that may cause accidents. Overall Jupiter will try to save you at 11th hour.  Keep watch on your finances from November 13th to end of the year. You can worship Brihaspati/Guru.

SAGITTARIUS / Dhanus (November 23 to December 22):

If you have been struggling with the change in the workplace things will be require attention, you need to get used to change and get with the flow, otherwise you may have troubles with your superiors, and a bad reputation at workplace. Pay attention to your health otherwise it may tax your body. Take care of finances and avoid unnecessary expenses. If you don’t think you won’t need it now don’t buy it. After mid-January, you’ll have bumpy road in terms of your business and profession. It is better not to start anything new. You’ll have ample opportunities to travel but avoid unnecessary expenses, only if there is a family matter, you travel. Stay away from weapons and eat healthy.  If you didn’t have checks on your expenditures then you’ll have to face loss in March, April. The Rahu moving in Mesha rashi from mid-March will bring income but at the same time lots of mental pressure and grief, you may have to deal with an issue with your child. Things will ease after the first week of April, your struggles will pay off now, you’ll buy some electronics gadgets. Life will be back on track with respect to your business and profession, your writings (Emails, and documents) will be recognized. The Jupiter moving in Mina rashi from mid-April will make you soul searching, and you need to prepare yourself for next year for career building and financial prosperity, but you need to work hard this year.  Saturn moving in Kumbha for a brief period between last week of April to mid-July this will be a good period again and brings relief but after that  you’ll have to face trouble with your long term investments, but don’t touch it if it not required to touch, things will improve after 2nd week of August, and you’ll win over enemies, and whatever you were working to achieve from a long time you’ll achieve. October will be a testing time for your relationship with your spouse and partner, take things lightly and don’t enter arguments. If traveling be careful. Things after November 13th will be better, and you’ll enjoy things till year end. You can worship Lord Brihaspati, Guru.

CAPRICORN / Makara (December 22 to January 19):

You’ve been enjoying good results, with some difficulties but things will change from mid-January not for good but increased expenditure, keep tabs on any electronics purchase, your health will take some toll. If your business is related to imports and exports you’ll gain from foreign land, or you’ll open a foreign office. You may have disputes with your elder brother, which you can be careful about what you speak. You may buy a land house in a foreign country. If you are waiting for your green card there may be some inquiries. Your work life could also be strenuous, and you may also have to put in loads of hard work to see the face of success in your projects. If measures are not taken, some of you may even risk your position at work and be humiliated and dishonored. From 1st March there may be disputes with your co-worker, partner and/or spouse, you need to take appropriate measures to make sure relations are not spoiled. Rahu moving into Mesha rashi will be not so good for students, they need to be diligent about their studies and for those who wants to deal into property or buy a house you may end up selling low or buying high or may not buy right property where properties are appreciated quickly. So, you need to be very watchful for whole 2022. Jupiter moving into Pisces from mid-April a strong sense of dissatisfaction and a feeling that something is missing in life, which you’ll search frantically. It is the time for putting effort for study of books of knowledge which can help calming the mind and giving solace.  Time to work on improving communication skills. Saturn moving in Kumbha from the last week of April till mid-July will require to work hard as far as career and Job is concerned, for businessman your collection will not be good, if you are living away from your native place, this is not the best time to visit your native place. You’ll make bad decisions related to property, land etc., if you are a student make sure you don’t want to miss your project submission date. August will bring worries about your children; you’ll spend unnecessarily in entertainment. You may develop troubles in your stomach. Things will improve for a brief time from mid-October till mid-November, you’ll have a good income flow and a relief from trouble, if you are waiting for some court cases, results will come to your favor if your natal janma kundli supports. Then till year end again you’ll need to pay attention to your family matters. You can worship Lord Shanischara.

AQUARIUS / Kumbha (January 20 to February 18):

You’ve have had some success with trouble from last year end, but things will ease after 16th April 2022. Things will start coming to your favor. If your planets at the time of birth supports, you’ll get promotion, make new friends, and win over enemies. You still work hard because things might become uphill for you in beginning of March. You may have unnecessary travel, purchase of unnecessary things, so you’ll need to keep tabs on your expenses. Don’t spend unnecessary if you don’t, if you have a business you may have to do long distance travel for business purposes. Check your email three times before sending, you need to improve your communication skills. But Rahu entering in Mesha will ease thing a bit, you’ll see success, only if you don’t deal with aggression. You’ll gain from foreign lands. Jupiter entering to Pisces in mid-April will be favorable too with the Saturn moving into Kumbha from last week of April till mid-July will bring some struggle as you’ll be still in sade sati (seven and half years of Saturn), so you will have some testing times, but Jupiter and Rahu will come to your rescue. After July, retrograde Saturn might bring some old health related issue back, you might need to visit hospital, but worship of Jupiter and Bhagwati will make those problems go away. From August be careful in dealing with your land matters, your relationship with your mother may spoil, so don’t use harsh words. This might cause enmity with your friends; students need to be very careful not to use aggression and pay attention to study. Mid-October will bring worries about your children, any long-term investments you have, and you’ll spend unnecessarily in entertainment. If you are in love you may spend lavishly on your love, so be careful about unnecessary expenses here. Again, from mid-November till year end take care of your mother and family, don’t do hasty land decisions. You can worship Lord Mahadev, or Vishnu.

PISCES / Mina (February 19 to March 20):

This year you’ll enter brief sade sati period during last week of April to Mid-July. But the year starts with legal troubles, disputes with father or some mentor, but you need to keep calm, your professional life will see some trouble initially but success later, things will improve after 1st March in terms of professional life career. Rahu’s moving in Mesha will increase financial issues in your life. Something or other will keep you disturbed. You may have eye troubles this year, so if you are trying to get eye surgery done, you may want to do it quickly than do it later. Jupiter entering in Pisces in mid-April mandates you to increase your spiritual activities. You want to start meditating to concentrate in your work. You’ll go through troubled times till first week of august with multiple things due to Saturn entering Kumbha from last week of April till mid-July. You need to make sure you pay attention to your work and work hard then Saturn will give you success even in sadesati but it requires lots of work. Things might improve for a brief period between 2nd Week of August till Mid October. Where you’ll have some relief, and if you did work hard before you will get some promotion and your work will be rewarded. Things might be bit rough from mid-October till mid-November with respect to your family life and studies (Students). If you are in market to buy a home or sale a home or property, you are suggested to wait till mid-November and then things will be in your favor again and from there till year end you’ll have a good success. You can worship Lord Brihaspati or Guru.

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yaj jagrato duram udaiti daivam tad u suptasya tatHaivaiti|
duramgamam jyotisam jyotir ekam tan me manaH shivasankalpam astu||
||shri shukla yajurveda vajasaneyi samhita (madhyandina sakha) 34.1||

The divine essence that goes far away, from the waking, and likewise from the sleeping, and that one far-traveling Light of lights, on that-the auspicious will of the divine-may my mind dwell.

.. sarve janA sukhino santu ..
kriShNa! kriShNa!! kriShNa!!!

I bow down to the supreme personality of godhead Lord kriShNa who makes incomplete complete.
Pundit Mahesh Shastriji
Seattle, WA, USA
shastrijii at mypanchang dot com


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