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Akshay Tritiya / Akshaya Tritiya

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Inspiration: Late Pundit Maganlal Devshanker Shastriji


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Akshay Tritiya / Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya, variously spelt as Akshya Thiritiya, Akshaya Trutheeya, Akshaya Tritiiya and also called Akshaya Trithi, falling on the third day of the bright half of the lunar month of Vaisakha of the traditional Hindu calendar, is one of the four most auspicious days of the year for Hindus. Akshaya Tritiya is also known as "Akha Teej". The birthday of Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Vishnu falls on this day. The 'Dharmasindhu' mentions this is the adi tithi of satayuga. The word Akshaya, a Sanskrit word, literally means one that never diminishes, and the day is believed to bring good luck and success. Akshaya Tritiya is observed when tritiya prevails more before the noon.

Whoever worships lord krishna and applies chandan all over lord krishna goes to vaikuntha. Any japa, homa, pitru tarpana, or dana done that day becomes a-kshaya means he earns lots of good karma that day. In the Mahabharata, the Pandavas received the Akshaya Pathram (bowl) from Lord Krishna on this day. The Akshaya Pathram provided unlimited food for the Pandavas during their exile. Due to this reason, people believe that anything that is acquired on this day will be replenished. This day is specially important as on this day any thing you donate is akshaya or never ending. Therefore people conduct special puja for Goddess Lakshmi and buy new gold and silver ornaments and invest money in shares and real estate. This festival is widely celebrated in all parts of India by different sections of the society irrespective of their religious faith and social grouping.

Lord Kubera, considered to be the lord of wealth. According to puranas Lord Kubera himself pray to Goddess Lakshmi on this day. It is important to pray goddess lakshami for wealth, lord shiva for health, marriage, and saubhagya. For moksha pray to lord krishna and apply chandan (sandal wood paste) all over his idol. According to some classics Shri Veda Vyasa and Lord Ganesha started writing mahabharata on this day. It was on this day that the Pandavas unearthed weapons that decided their victory over the Kauravas. Also, it is also believed that Goddess Vijaya Chamundeshwari killed Asura on this day. This day is particularly considered auspicious for buying long term assets like gold and silver, including ornaments made of the same; diamond and other precious stones; and the real estate. The legend states that any venture initiated on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya shall continue to grow and bring prosperity. Hence, it is normal to see many of the new ventures, like starting a business, ground breaking for construction etc on the Akshaya Tritiya Day. Majority of the people believe that wearing gold is considered to be inviting Goddess Lakshmi in to house. Astrologically, it is believed that the sun and the moon are most radiant and best placed on the Askhaya Tritiya day. Many devote Hindus choose the day to conduct auspicious functions. There is no need to select a ‘muhurat’ on this day as the entire day is devoid of malefic influences. Large number of marriages and several new beginnings take place on the day. The entire day is good for performing auspicious occassions.

Dates for Akshay Tritiya All over the World (2014):

  • Hawaii: May 1st 2014
  • USA/PST: May 1st 2014
  • USA/MST: May 1st 2014
  • USA/CST: May 1st 2014
  • USA/EST: May 1st 2014
  • UK: May 1st 2014
  • Middle East: May 2nd 2014
  • India: May 2nd 2014
  • Malaysia: May 2nd 2014
  • Australia -- WAU: May 2nd 2014
  • Australia -- SAU: May 2nd 2014
  • Australia -- NT: May 2nd 2014
  • Australia -- QSLND: May 2nd 2014
  • Australia -- NSW: May 2nd 2014
  • Australia -- ACT: May 2nd 2014
  • Newzeland: May 2nd 2014
  • Fiji: May 2nd 2014

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yaj jagrato duram udaiti daivam tad u suptasya tatHaivaiti|
duramgamam jyotisam jyotir ekam tan me manaH shivasankalpam astu||
||shri shukla yajurveda vajasaneyi samhita (madhyandina sakha) 34.1||

The divine essence that goes far away, from the waking, and likewise from the sleeping, and that one far-traveling Light of lights, on that-the auspicious will of the divine-may my mind dwell.

.. sarve janA sukhino santu ..
kriShNa! kriShNa!! kriShNa!!!

I bow down to the supreme personality of godhead Lord kriShNa who makes incomplete complete.
Pundit Mahesh Shastriji
Seattle, WA, USA
shastrijii at mypanchang dot com


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