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Save and Show Panchangam

This option will save your selected city for future use. Once set you can just click on Show panchang button in future. Also if you save your location on the home page you'll see your daily panchangam in the left hand on our site.

Clear Default

This will clear the default location.

Show Panchang

This will show you the panchangam for selected city without having to save as a default. By clicking this option you are not overwritting your existing default city and you can use this option to check panchangam for other cities for your friends and family and others.

Embed Panchang Code

You can now embed panchangam on your website. It will be updated daily without you having to do anything. All you need is click on this "Embed Panchang Code" button and paste the resulting code in a place you want to show your panchang for your city on your site. If you need ideas where to display drop us line and we'll help you. Also please let us know if you are putting our panchangam on your site. It's free. We encourage you to display on your site. You can customize color of font and font too. Drop us line and we'll show you how. Just try it out on your page and let us know if you like it or not.