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Faith In God

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Inspiration: Late Pundit Maganlal Devshanker Shastriji


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Faith In God

Sri Laxmi Hayagreevaya Namaha

Faith in God is the Only Way to Understand the Mysteries of Life

Contributed by: Pundit Srinivas Khedam

“Life is very mysterious”. At one point or other every one of us would have made this statement either seriously or casually. If you have not made that statement yet, I am sure your turn will come sooner or later.  Though circumstances are different from one individual to the other, the reason for coming to such a common conclusion is the same, i.e. not able to understand why and how something happened in their life or in the life of someone they know. Pity is that many people try to analyze the situation with their own material knowledge that is very limited and don’t try to understand the REAL FORCE behind such mysteries – God.  This is because many people don’t have faith in God and proclaim shamelessly that they are not much of a faithful person. Perhaps those people need a different view to understand that it is God who runs the whole show and it is impossible to understand this mysterious life with our material intelligence.

Often we hear scientists say that creation of life is spontaneous. Believers in God refute that idea and say that God is the creator of everything that is visible and invisible. Science needs evidence, that is visible to the naked eye to accept any theory or a phenomenon, but belief is beyond evidence. Belief is more innate feeling that cannot be expressed in words or proven with physical evidence that is visible. The knowledge related to material world is called “Vignanam” and the knowledge related to the spiritual world is called “Jnanam”. While it is easy to understand many material aspects with “Vignanam”, it is literally impossible to understand spiritual aspects with it. On the other hand, with “Jnanam” both the material and spiritual aspects can be understood. The greatest mistake that most of the people make is to try to understand spiritual aspects with material knowledge or “Vignanam”. When they don’t understand any phenomenon they deny the existence of spiritual power.

When it comes to belief there are three kinds of people- those who believe in God uncompromisingly, those who neither deny the existence of God nor accept the truth completely, and those who don’t believe in God at all. Those who believe identify God’s work behind everything that happens in this world. Those who don’t believe in God try to give as many scientific reasons as possible for all the things that happen in this world. Those who are sitting on the wall find it very difficult neither to accept nor deny God and say that “everything is mysterious”. Three kinds of people think and act differently purely because of their knowledge levels.  Life is like our education system that starts with Kindergarten and finishes with an advanced degree like a Ph.D. Every Janma(life) is like one academic year and people are in different classes for that year. The knowledge level depends upon the class they are in. Understanding God is similar to understanding the most complex theories and principles, which is possible only after years of thorough education. I hope now you understand why Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavath Gita : “

“Manushyanaam Sahasreshu Kaschid yathathi siddhaye;
 Yatha Thaamapi Sidhhanaam Kaschinmaam Vetti Thathvathah:
                                                (Bhagavat Geeta; Cha 7 – Verse 3)

Which means one knows “Me” only after many janmas, and out of billion such people only one reaches me. That’s why in Puranas we read many stories in which in greatest sages after thousands of years penance also wouldn’t reach the Supreme Godhead.

Let me share couple of real stories to prove that everything in this world is not spontaneous but is very well planned by God. One day a Good Samaritan was approached by a stranger for a job. Using his contacts he found a cook’s position to the stranger in a residential school. Everything was fine for few months until he received a call one late evening from the school that stranger had died of a severe heart attack. After few phone calls the Good Samaritan realized that this stranger doesn’t have any closest relatives and those who knew him didn’t want to help in anyway. Those who were around him didn’t want to take any initiative to take care of this stranger’s funeral. So, the Good Samaritan took care of the funeral rights for him, and gave away his belongings to the people who were in need. 

I know two good friends who studied together for many years, and became so close to each other. After few years under some strange circumstances they lost touch with each other for five years. After two years of effort one of the friends locates his friend and his family. Few months after connecting with this family, this friend propose to marry his friend’s sister. These two people, who never even dreamt about getting married and had lost touch for many years suddenly come together and got married. Whenever this story is shared, everyone say it as “mysterious”.

I am sure science call these incidents as coincidence, which is in other words “can’t be explained”. On the other hand, these incidents are explained in terms of spirituality through the “soul theory”. In both these stories two souls are meant to be together because of their relationship in previous “janmas(lives). Every soul takes a specific body to experience different kinds of material life on this earth, and moves into experience other kinds of material life after it finishes one kind. In the process experiencing material life, a soul chooses to meet or not meet another soul. That’s the reason why two strangers come together unknowingly and two intimate people go away from each other and never meet again. In other situations, a person survives miraculously from the clutches of death, and another person dies unexpectedly without any ailments at a young age or in mother’s womb itself.

Though science is essential for our growth and development it can never explain sophisticated creation of God rationally. Often people don’t realize this fact and wrongfully quote the sophisticated work of God as mysterious. When someone has no faith, technically he/she is blindfolded and hence cannot see the light. One cannot see God with Charma Chakshu(material eyes), and one cannot understand God with material knowledge. The Supreme Personality of Godhead can only be seen with Mano Nethras(the eyes of the heart/soul). To attain the capacity to see through Mano Nethras( the eyes of the heart/soul), one must do many years penance(thapasya). Puranas have number of stories to prove how even ordinary humans also traveled to other worlds and made impossible things possible with a strong faith in the Supreme God.

So, set aside our egos and develop faith in God and make our soul’s journey easier and shorter in reaching the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Life without faith is like a flower without fragrance! No matter how intelligent, handsome, beautiful, rich, famous or rich one may be, if there is no faith in his/her life it all comes to waste! Realize this truth soon and make this most blessed human life worthwhile before it is too late!

Sarva Dharman Parithyajya Mamekam Sharanm Vraja
Ahanthva Sarva Papebhyo Mokshayishyami Mashuchah:    
                                                                                    (Bhagavat Geeta; Ch18- Verse 16)

(Leave all your dharmas and surrender to ME completely and I will relieve you from all sins and grant you the salvation(Moksham)

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yaj jagrato duram udaiti daivam tad u suptasya tatHaivaiti|
duramgamam jyotisam jyotir ekam tan me manaH shivasankalpam astu||
||shri shukla yajurveda vajasaneyi samhita (madhyandina sakha) 34.1||

The divine essence that goes far away, from the waking, and likewise from the sleeping, and that one far-traveling Light of lights, on that-the auspicious will of the divine-may my mind dwell.

.. sarve janA sukhino santu ..
kriShNa! kriShNa!! kriShNa!!!

I bow down to the supreme personality of godhead Lord kriShNa who makes incomplete complete.
Pundit Mahesh Shastriji
Seattle, WA, USA
shastrijii at mypanchang dot com


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